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Advantages of a Traditional Storage Tank Water Heater

March 19, 2018

A traditional storage tank heats water before its needed and stores it in the tank — typically a glass-lined, galvanized steel container with an average capacity of around 40 gallons. As the stored water waits in the tank, the burner periodically ignites so to keep the water at the desired temperature so it’s ready when a demand for hot water occurs.

Tankless models, on the other hand, heat water as needed. No water is stored, so no tank is required. When a hot water tap in the house is opened, the unit senses the water pressure fluctuation and instantly ignites a high-pressure gas burner that flash-heats the flow of water as it passes through the heater. When the tap is closed, the gas burner turns off.

When the time has finally come to replace your traditional water heater you’ll need to make a decision – replace it with another traditional style water heater or do you switch to a tankless system? Which one is the better choice? Like any major home purchase decision, you’ll want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both choices to see what works best for you. There honestly is no simple answer.

The traditional hot water heater is basically a large tank designed to hold, heat and store hot water. You will find that a traditional hot water heater is going to be much less expensive to purchase. These systems are easier to install, therefore labor costs are going to be much more reasonable than a tankless system.

Aside from keeping the installing costs lower, this also means your new water heater can be installed the same day, which is very helpful if you find yourself in a bind with a failed water heater at home and no one can shower!

Traditional water heaters are considered a no hassle plumbing appliance and won’t require any planning on researching on your part. Beyond regular flushing to remove mineral sediment, which a simple do it yourself procedure for most homeowners, these types of units impose minimal upkeep to maintain. There is also a wide availability of traditional water heaters to choose from, as virtually all plumbing contractors and suppliers sell and service these traditional storage tank water heaters. You simply find out what size your current unit is and replace it.

Another advantage of a traditional hot water heater is that you will still have your tank of hot water available even if the power goes out. The water is heated ahead of time and delivered hot. If you have no power problem! You will still have hot water unless the power is out for an extended period of time.

Ultimately which system you choose will come down to your circumstances, such as your home, your budget, and your lifestyle. It will depend on your water demand or lack of it. If you have an immediate need or are considering a chance, The Plumbing Joint technicians are here to help you made the best decision for your household and your situation. Our technicians are qualified to professionally install both traditional and tankless water heaters!