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Leak Repair In Renton, WA

From washing dishes to flushing the toilet to taking a shower, your home uses hundreds of gallons of water every single day just with regular use. Pipes are typically able to handle it all, but occasionally issues occur that prevent your plumbing system from operating as expected.

Whenever you discover a leak, it is essential that you contact a professional as soon as possible. The Plumbing Joint has provided trustworthy plumbing services since 1973. Trust our team for leak repair in Renton.

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What Causes Plumbing Leaks?

Sometimes a leak may not seem like an initial cause for concern. Typically, homeowners give us a call after dealing with a leaking faucet for weeks. However, a small leak may indicate a much larger problem.

Common causes of leaks in the Renton area include:

  • Clogged lines
  • Corrosion of the piping material
  • Damaged seals and pipe joints
  • High water pressure
  • Movement of the ground and foundation
  • Temperature changes
  • Tree roots entering the system

Leaking pipes can have a serious impact on your property. Without repair, leaks can result in worsened water quality, flooding, damaged furniture, stained walls, and even black mold. What could have been fixed by an experienced plumber can turn into a serious project that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When you notice a leak, give The Plumbing Joint a call right away!

How to Detect a Water Leak

  • Check your water meter: You should check your water meter and note the level. You can check the meter again after a few hours (it’s easiest to record the first level when everyone goes to bed, then check it again first thing in the morning). A leak may have occurred.
  • Toilets need to be checked: Over time, even a small leak in a toilet can waste a lot of water. Place a few drops of food coloring in the back of the tank after removing the tank lid. Then wait 30 minutes before flushing. Make sure there is no colored water in the toilet bowl from the tank. If there is, there is a leak.
  • Check your washing machine: If you want to avoid major flooding in your home, you should take proper care of your washing machine, no matter where it’s located in your house. Regularly inspect the hoses for bulging, cracking, fraying, and leaks around the ends. Leaving at least four inches between the water connection and the back of the washing machine will prevent the hose from kinking.
  • Check for leaks regularly: Check your home and other valuable items for signs of water leaks routinely to prevent damage. If you observe at least one of these signs, chances are you have a leak or are in danger of developing one.

How Do You Prevent Plumbing Leaks in Your Home?

Preventing plumbing leaks is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your home and avoiding water damage.

Here are some tips to help prevent plumbing leaks:

  • Regular Inspections: Conduct regular visual inspections of your plumbing system. Look for signs of leaks, such as water stains, mold, or dampness.
  • Check for Dripping Faucets: Repair dripping faucets promptly. A small, consistent drip can lead to significant water waste and contribute to wear and tear on fixtures.
  • Monitor Water Pressure: High water pressure can strain pipes and cause leaks. Use a pressure gauge to ensure your water pressure is within the recommended range (typically 40-60 psi).
  • Inspect Appliance Connections: Regularly check connections to appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Ensure hoses are in good condition and replace them if they show signs of wear.
  • Insulate Pipes: Insulate pipes in unheated or exposed areas, especially during cold weather. This helps prevent freezing and potential pipe bursts.
  • Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: Chemical drain cleaners can corrode pipes over time. Instead of using harsh chemicals, consider using alternative methods like a plunger or a drain snake to clear clogs.
  • Properly Dispose of Grease: Avoid pouring grease down the drain, as it can solidify and cause blockages. Dispose of cooking grease in a separate container and throw it in the trash.
  • Be Careful with Garbage Disposals: Avoid putting items like bones, fruit pits, and fibrous vegetables down the garbage disposal, as they can contribute to clogs.
  • Install Water Leak Detectors: Consider installing water leak detectors in areas prone to leaks, such as basements and near water heaters. These devices can alert you to potential issues before they become major problems.
  • Regularly Clean Gutters: Clogged gutters can lead to water overflow, which can contribute to leaks in your roof or foundation. Clean gutters regularly to prevent water damage.
  • Avoid DIY Plumbing Mistakes: If you’re not experienced with plumbing repairs, it’s often best to hire a professional. DIY mistakes can lead to leaks and other plumbing issues.
  • Shut Off Water During Vacations: If you’re going on an extended vacation, consider shutting off the main water supply to your home. This can prevent potential leaks in your absence.
  • Know the Location of Shut-Off Valves: Familiarize yourself with the location of shut-off valves for individual fixtures and the main water shut-off valve. In case of a leak, being able to quickly turn off the water can minimize damage.

By being proactive and taking these preventive measures, you can reduce the risk of plumbing leaks and the potential for water damage in your home. Regular maintenance and awareness are key to keeping your plumbing system in good condition.

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Terri Christensen
February 25, 2024

I have used this company for my plumbing needs for years and I am always a satisfied customer. Dakota, my plumber, came to my house prepared, knowledgeable, professional and personable. He quickly went to work and fixed the water draining problem I had. The price is always reasonable and I never had a bad experience from this company. I will continue to use, them for all my plumbing needs.
Dan Roberts
January 26, 2024

The Plumbing Joint was responsive and communicated well. The technician they sent out, Aaron, did a fantastic job. When the Utility was unable to take care of their part during the line replacement from the meter to my house, Aaron went the extra mile to make sure my family had water service while we waited (6 days as it turned out) for the Utility. I highly recommend The Plumbing Joint!
Leslie Lederman
January 5, 2024

This is the second time I've called The Plumbing Joint and they once again provided great customer service. Today, we were getting an estimate on a new bathroom and updating some existing plumbing. Buddy, our technician, was on time, professional, and offered sage advice as we talked through our project. He said he would have our bid written up in the next couple of days. Regardless of who've I've spoken to at The Plumbing Joint, I have always experienced kind, real people who are looking to do their best for you.
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