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Protect Your Property from Backflow Contamination

Did you know that there is a possibility that your potable water might be contaminated? Although your home plumbing designed to let water flow in a single direction, pressure changes inside the pipelines can cause the water to reverse direction or cause a backflow. Both residential and commercial properties are required by law to install backflow prevention devices to their plumbing to avoid water contamination. However, this is not enough—it is also a must that these devices are tested regularly.

The Plumbing Joint is Renton’s premier provider of top-quality plumbing services including backflow testing and repair. Our licensed, trained, and certified plumbers are experts in providing comprehensive inspections of backflow devices to determine their current condition. Should we find any problems, our plumbing team can also fix it for you promptly and efficiently.

Understanding Backflow

At The Plumbing Joint, we prioritize your safety by addressing potential backflow issues. Backflow happens when water flow reverses, allowing contaminated water to enter and mix with the clean water supply. This often occurs at cross-connections between clean and contaminated water lines, usually triggered by sudden changes in water pressure, such as a burst pipe. Contaminants like chemicals, pesticides, or human waste can make their way into the water, posing significant health risks.

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Types of Backflow Prevention Devices We Handle

The Plumbing Joint understands the dangers of having unchecked or damaged backflow prevention devices. As a customer-focused plumbing company, we are committed to making sure your home or commercial plumbing is running efficiently and not causing any harm to your health or comfort. Generally, we recommend annual backflow testing, but if you suspect that back-siphonage has occurred in your plumbing, call us immediately.

The backflow prevention devices we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Anti-siphon toilet valve
  • Atmospheric vacuum breaker
  • Pressure-type vacuum breaker
  • Double check valve
  • Reduced pressure zone assembly

Whether your backflow devices need maintenance, repair, or replacement, our Renton plumbers can get the job done right.

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By installing a backflow prevention device, we safeguard your water supply against the infiltration of contaminated water during sudden or significant pressure changes in the water lines. It is crucial that these devices are installed correctly and undergo regular testing to maintain a contamination-free water supply.

To comply with municipal regulations, backflow prevention devices must be tested annually to ensure they are in optimal working condition. Failure to perform these tests can result in fines or even disruption of your water service. We strongly advise scheduling your backflow testing early to avoid any penalties and ensure continuous, safe water usage.

When it comes to your drinking water, don’t take a risk. Make sure to stick to an annual backflow testing schedule with The Plumbing Joint. We can immediately address any problem, so you can have peace of mind knowing your water is always clean, safe, and good for your health.

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Terri Christensen
February 25, 2024

I have used this company for my plumbing needs for years and I am always a satisfied customer. Dakota, my plumber, came to my house prepared, knowledgeable, professional and personable. He quickly went to work and fixed the water draining problem I had. The price is always reasonable and I never had a bad experience from this company. I will continue to use, them for all my plumbing needs.
Dan Roberts
January 26, 2024

The Plumbing Joint was responsive and communicated well. The technician they sent out, Aaron, did a fantastic job. When the Utility was unable to take care of their part during the line replacement from the meter to my house, Aaron went the extra mile to make sure my family had water service while we waited (6 days as it turned out) for the Utility. I highly recommend The Plumbing Joint!
Leslie Lederman
January 5, 2024

This is the second time I've called The Plumbing Joint and they once again provided great customer service. Today, we were getting an estimate on a new bathroom and updating some existing plumbing. Buddy, our technician, was on time, professional, and offered sage advice as we talked through our project. He said he would have our bid written up in the next couple of days. Regardless of who've I've spoken to at The Plumbing Joint, I have always experienced kind, real people who are looking to do their best for you.
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