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Water Filtration Systems In Renton

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Did you know that while Seattle and Renton does add fluoride to our drinking water, the EPA still reports negative health effects of ongoing exposure in children and adults? Installing one of our water filtration systems in King County is the best way to ensure your water is free of heavy metals, bacteria, harsh chemicals, and microbials. It can also improve the taste and smell of your water.

We are here for all your water filtration needs. Our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals will help you find the right water filtration system for your specific requirements.

Whether you get a filter from us or already have your own, we can install it for you. Our experienced plumbers have the expertise and know-how to install any type of water filtration system in your home or office. No matter what the model, brand, or size your filtration system is, we’ve got all your water filtration needs covered.

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Benefits of Water Filter Installation

Installing a water filtration system is a great decision! Not only can you improve health concerns that come from water contamination, you can also eliminate hard water and improve the way your water reacts with soap and cleaning agents. However, installing one incorrectly can cause leaks that lead to damaged flooring, cabinetry, and even the foundation of your home. It can also damage the filtration system and cause it to function improperly.

All our installations are done to the manufacturer’s precise specifications. We check for leaks and ensure no damage is done to your plumbing system in the process. With The Plumbing Joint, you can be certain your water filter will be installed to an exact fit.

Some of the water filtration systems we install include:

  • Under-sink water filter systems
  • Countertop filters
  • Whole-house water filtration systems
  • Reverse osmosis water filtration systems
  • Water softener systems

Hard Water Issues in Your Home

Not all tap water is created the same. Often, homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into the type of water coming into their home as it’s so easy these days to filter the water after it comes out of the taps. But the reality is that addressing the issue early can save your health, your time and your money! Hard water is basically water that contains a high mineral content. Hard water is created when water permeates through deposits of limestone and chalk, which are essentially made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.

While these carbonates can bring with them some health benefits, an excessive amount will certainly create issues that can affect your family’s quality of life. Here are some common signs that you have a hard water problem:

  • Soap Scum – Aside from its unappealing name, soap scum can be a frustrating thing to deal with. The minerals in hard water do not mix well with soap and tend to create a “solid precipitate” which is just a technical word for soap scum. Instead of getting a satisfying, rich lather in the shower, you’ll get the gift of dried white streaks on your shower stall and staining on your shower curtain; both of which requiring you to spend a whole lot more time cleaning then you’d like.
  • Appliance Issues – One of the pricier issues arising from hard water is the damage it can do to your home appliances like the hot water heater, washing machine or dishwasher. The deposits left behind in your appliance can clog valves, hoses, and slow down motors requiring costly repairs or eventual replacements.
  • Not So Stellar Showers – Since the mineral deposits don’t react well with soap it can be hard to get as clean as you like whether it’s from the lack of effective lather or the soap residue left on your skin. The showerhead can also suffer as when it gets clogged up the water pressure can become weaker and weaker.
  • Laundry Issues – Hard water can certainly affect the look and feel of your clothes. If you don’t buy detergent that is designed to soften the water for you, you’ll find your whites getting yellow, your towels feeling rough and your clothes wearing out much faster.
  • Clogged Pipes – The build-up of minerals in your steel pipes gets worse with time as the deposits continually form layer after layer which could lead to leaks you may or may not be aware of. More modern pipes like copper and/or PVC tend to have fewer build-up problems.
  • Skin Issues – It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from skin sensitivities in homes that are supplied with hard water. As the soap residue cannot always be fully washed away from the skin, the pores can clog causing skin to become itchy, flaky and dry. The minerals themselves can clog pores as well.
  • Stains – You may notice that your porcelain fixtures are starting to look cloudy or extra dirty. Some can even develop rust-colored streaks from the iron deposits left behind. These stains are difficult to remove and often require heavy-duty cleaners that can be acid based which, if not used sparingly, can eventually damage the finish of your porcelain.
  • Strange Taste & Smell – This is often a telltale sign of a hard water problem in the home. Zinc, iron, and magnesium all give the water a metallic taste; chloride compounds can make it taste slightly salty; bitter or medicinal tasting water can come from the presence of copper; and the most common…the earthy/musty smell and taste are generally from the sediments in old pipes or from algae.

Call Our Seattle-Area Plumbers

We can help with full-scale water filtration systems that purify all the water in your home or install a system that addresses drinking water alone. Even more, this can help you cut down on the high financial and environmental cost of bottled water! We are the premier water filtration systems installation company based in Renton.

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