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When Is It Time to Get a New Garbage Disposal?

May 8, 2018

Remember when you had to sit over the garbage bin when you were peeling potatoes or cutting up vegetables, or when you had to place a grocery sack inside your sink to catch any flying peel that could clog the drain? Remember when you had to constantly remind people to scrape any remaining food off their plate and into the garbage bin? Doing dishes was a constant worry that residual food would clog up the drain; stoppers were a must to help ease the stress. Now, we have the luxury of a garbage disposal. It’s our friend under the sink that eats up all the food that may come with a dirty plate. The garbage disposal is hard working and often does it’s job so well and thorough, that it a piece of equipment that often goes unnoticed. We throw our vegetable ends into it, and we simply tell our children to put their dish in the sink regardless if anything is left on it or not because Mr. Disposal is a reliable friend who chops and churns leaving our sink food free. The garbage disposal is convenient but not exempt from repair and replacement. Here are a few signs that mean you are in need of a new garbage disposal:

  • Reoccurring clogs

    When your garbage disposal is not breaking down food properly it may mean your blades are getting dull leading to frequent clogging. The food that isn’t getting broken down will either clog the disposal itself or large pieces of remaining food may travel down causing a clog deeper down in the sink’s drain pipes. The disposal may also clog regularly because of its size. It may be undersized and not meeting your needs properly. Depending on the disposals horsepower determines its size, therefore the stronger the horsepower the more food it can contain and break down. A disposal that continues to clog is a sign that it may need to be replaced for a larger model.

  • Frequently pushing Reset

    When your disposal clogs or is overloaded you may have to hit the reset button underneath your unit. This button is intended to restore the electrical power if it gets overloaded and trips the circuit breaker. However, if resetting your disposal becomes a reoccurring act then your unit is potentially getting weaker and is in need of a replacement.

  • The grind takes longer

    The garbage disposal is designed to quickly break down food particles. If its performance is lacking and the regular amount of food you normally put in is gradually taking longer and longer to fully grind it up, it may mean your blades are dull and the motor is giving out. In other words, it’s time to get a new disposal.

  • Leakage

    When a disposal is regularly used, normal wear and tear can occur leading to cracks on the inside, which could result in leaking. Have you ever lost a utensil down the disposal? These foreign objects can cause cracks in the casing. If your unit is leaking persistently then it is an issue that requires complete replacement.

  • Loud but no churn

    When your disposal is making a lot of noise but you notice it’s not churning and breaking down food waste then it is a sign that your motor is dead. The loud humming refers to the fact that the unit is receiving electrical power but no churn indicates the motor has stopped working. Therefore instead of repairing the motor, it is often best and most cost effective to simply replace the entire disposal.

  • Odors

    When a garbage disposal is not working properly and the food is not getting chopped because the blades are dull, food can get trapped and decomposing can begin inside of the disposal causing a foul odor. If you have tried the tricks: putting lemon peels through, using baking soda and vinegar or even using soapy water and the bad smell still returns then it may be time to replace your disposal.

Having a garbage disposal makes for easier cleanup. It not only helps your kitchen but it ultimately helps the environment to be cleaner. It allows people to have another option of getting rid of waste leading to less trash. Remember when a plastic bag was needed in the sink to prevent food from going down, now it deters people from using these bags to dispose of food waste. Garbage disposals help the environment by lessening the negative effects of waste. A garbage disposal is a necessary piece of equipment for your kitchen however it is not to go unnoticed. Pay attention when it’s running differently if it’s leaking, or protruding a distinct odor and be willing to make the changes that need to occur. A disposal is helpful to your kitchen and the environment only when it is fully running properly and doing its job well. Recognize the signs and determine if it’s time to replace your disposal.

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