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DIY Mistakes That Make Plumbers Cringe

December 16, 2019

In an attempt to save money, many people try to perform do-it-yourself plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, the results sometimes cause more problems. While there are plenty of video tutorials on the web, nothing beats the experience, knowledge, and training of a professional.

Here are a few DIY mistakes that our plumbers encounter frequently.

Over-Tightening Connections

To prevent leaks, you must properly secure plumbing connections. However, applying too much force can actually cause more trouble. When tightening with all of your strength, there’s a good chance you’ll strip the pipe threads or break the washers. Also, because extremely tight connections are often difficult to loosen, the pipe may need to be cut if no one can get it loose when needed.

Incorrectly Using Plumber’s Tape

When performing certain repairs, plumbing tape (Teflon tape) is essential. Contrary to common belief, wrapping plumper’s tape requires some technique. If you unknowingly wrap plumber’s tape in the wrong direction, it will eventually start to uncoil. The result will be a leaky mess. Plumber’s tape must always be applied in a clockwise direction around pipe fittings.

Using Mismatched Pipes

You must always use the correct piping material for the job you need. If you try to improvise a plumbing repair with a material that isn’t meant to go where you’re placing it, you will encounter a leak sooner or later. Mismatched connections tend to have gaps, which ultimately lead to water escaping. To fill gaps, many do-it-yourselfers opt to apply silicone and caulk. Regrettably, these quick fixes rarely work. Water pressure will eventually cause a breach.

Relying On Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are readily available at your local supermarket. Manufacturers formulate them with powerful chemicals, which can break up clogs in your plumbing system. While drain cleaners may prove to be mildly effective, repeated use of these corrosive products can cause significant damage to your pipes, especially if they’re allowed to sit in your pipes for an extended time. This means that you can end up spending more money down the line on repairing corroded pipes and water damage from leaks behind walls.

When in doubt, contact a professional! At The Plumbing Joint, we’re dedicated to providing you with dependable solutions at affordable rates: (425) 228-3204.