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Choosing the Right Sink Basin for Your Bathroom

January 22, 2019

Is it time to remodel your bathroom and bring it up to date? When considering a brand-new look, you’ll likely find yourself searching for a sink basin that compliments your vision. This one fixture may have a simple concept but for the sake of aesthetic purposes, this piece can carry quite a bit of versatility. In fact, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed due to how many varieties of color, style, and characteristics there are for this seemingly simple piece. You’ll want to consider a number of things when starting your search…design, functionality, installation difficulty, and what style of counter or cabinetry the basin will be seated in or on.

Having a brand-new sink in the bathroom can truly be a focal point of the design you have in mind, so it’s worth taking a moment to read up on all the different types of sink basins out there:

Sink basin style types

Top-mount or drop in Sink: This type of sink is the most popular and is designed to sit more on top of the counter. This style uses the rim as its support. It is created to be slightly larger than the cut out of the counter. This style tends to offer either a slimmer rim or a thicker, chunkier rim that makes more of a statement. conveniently this type of sink is suitable for any type of countertop material because since the sink overlaps the counter there isn’t much risk for water damage. Also, they aren’t quite as expensive to install because there isn’t much extra labor required. The only negative is that the rim makes it difficult to wipe up excess water by “sweeping” it from the counter into the sink.

Under Mount Sink: This type of sink offers a seamless look because it sits underneath the countertop. It creates a clean and elegant look and makes wiping the countertop much easier. It also gives the appearance of more space on the counter because there is no obstruction. However, one negative note on this style is that it can only be attached to more solid surfaces like stone. Laminate, unfortunately, doesn’t work with this style because it can’t seal out the moisture from underneath as well as other basin types can.

Wall-Mounted Sink: These sinks are directly mounted to the wall and look as if they are floating due to the fact that countertops and cabinets don’t surround them. This could be seen as a positive or a negative depending on your preferences between minimalism and storage availability. Also, to make this style look more streamlined, all the plumbing would need to be placed within the wall. You’ll also need to be careful that you don’t lean on the sink or have small children trying to pull it or climb on it. If that is the case, you’ll want to add some extra in-wall support when installing.

Pedestal Sink: If you like the idea of a wall-mounted sink basin but worry about needing extra support, a pedestal sink may be more beneficial. This style is fixed directly to the wall but it has a pedestal that gives extra support and allows it to rest on the floor. The pedestal also helps cover the piping giving it an elegant and clean look. You’ll get a little more support with this type of sink, but you still won’t have any built-in storage.

Wash plane Basin: This type of sink is characterized as slim and streamlined. It is definitely a way to make a statement without taking up too much space. It too is affixed to the wall with the pipes located behind the wall. With this type of basin, be careful to note that its slimmer design makes for a fairly shallow basin and isn’t the best for holding standing water. This basin is best served in a ½ bath where handwashing is its primary purpose.

Vessel Sink: This style of sink truly makes a bold statement, as it is located directly on top of the counter. This sink gives the appearance of a large bowl sitting on the counter. Therefore it will hold plenty of water if need be. As it is often a large fixture you have to pay attention to the height of your counter and/or vanity because you won’t want the sink level too high. In addition, this style tends to take up more counter space leaving fewer storage possibilities. Cleaning around the bowl may also be a bit more difficult.

Be sure to take these into consideration when choosing a sink basin

Location: When installing a sink its important to be mindful of its location. Is it functional? Does it offer enough space for movement? Will it serve the purpose you have intended for that bathroom?

Size: You may have the perfect location but size matters. Does it fit the space, and does it add to its functionality? As you take size into consideration it may be beneficial to measure before making a decision on what style you’d prefer.

Aesthetics: The sink fixture can be a prominent piece that brings boldness or sleekness. This focal point must fit the room. Therefore, take color, shape, size and its overall characteristics into consideration before making your purchase.

A newly remodeled bathroom can really feel like a fresh “start” and with so many creative ways to structure a bathroom, you’ll find that the ability to make a statement with your sink basin will help keep those creative juices flowing.