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Why Is My Toilet Making a Gurgling Noise?

March 8, 2019

One quick-and-easy way to disrupt your singing in the shower routine is the sound of a nearby gurgling toilet. Suddenly, the day is not looking quite so beautiful! Unless you have a helpful neighbor, friend or relative with plumbing skills, you will want to try to quickly resolve the issue on your own to ensure your toilet is fully operational before its next use. The good news there are a few things you can do to fix the problem without calling a plumber! The gurgling sounds could be a result of improper ventilation, a clogged drain, the toilet’s malfunctioning hardware or residue buildup. Here is a closer look at each of these possibilities for the weird noises.

Improper Ventilation

When your plumbing vents are not properly ventilated, it can wreak havoc because it causes a reverse suction. Reverse suction is when the water from your toilet’s P-Trap is pulled out and pushed into your plumbing system. The P-Trap is a water barrier that prevents sewer gases coming up out of the drains and into your home. Improper ventilation or some sort of blockage in your vents will cause this because the trapped air is looking for a way to escape. Therefore, other appliances create a backflow that pulls the air within the plumbing system, causing your toilet to bubble and gurgle. To ensure proper ventilation, check your vents and make sure they are free from any debris.

Clogged Drain

Clogs can be one of the most annoying aspects of plumbing. Another one of the reasons your toilet may be gurgling is because there is some sort of blockage in the piping. The clog does not always happen in the toilet bowl; it might be an obstruction deeper within the sewer line. It is important to know that clogs are not always caused by too much toilet paper or large stools. If there is a toddler in the home, you might want to take a quick account of some of their favorite toys or anything else they might have thought would be fun to see “swim” in the toilet. The plunger is the go-to tool in the case of a clog, but this will only clear minor blockages.

Toilets Hardware

Like any other appliance, a toilet’s hardware can wear down and cause problems. For example, toilets have a piece called “the flapper,” which is attached to a tensioned chain. These are the pieces in the tank that allow the toilet to flush and refill with clean water. However, frequent use and age can lead to the flapper and/or its pull-chain to become corroded, which can cause malfunction. The float-fill-flapper system is efficient, but when these devices in the tank become faulty, your toilet will require replacement parts, but hopefully not an entirely new toilet!

Residue Buildup

“Hard” water, unlike “soft” rainwater, is water full of minerals such as iron, calcium, or magnesium. Hard water minerals can build up and cause issues within your appliances, which ultimately makes them work harder or stop working altogether. A simple over-the-counter fix is Calcium, Lime and Rust remover solution (CLR) or you can try a mixture of bleach, baking soda, and vinegar to help breakdown the bacteria. Follow the directions on the CLR product for proper treatment.

If you are unable to resolve the Case of the Gurgling Toilet, the next best step is to call a professional. The Plumbing Joint is fully equipped and trained to tackle any toilet issues that may occur.

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