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When you have problems with slow-moving drains or any kind of pipe clogs, The Plumbing Joint can take care of it in a swift and cost-effective way. We have more than 45 years of local plumbing experience providing the best plumbing and drain cleaning in Renton. When build-ups and back-ups of drainage occur, you will want professionals to get your drains back to normal as soon as possible. Our team is committed to sending out experienced technicians that will provide a comprehensive inspection and affordable solutions. Allow us to solve all your drain problems! From simple toilet back-ups to kitchen drain issues to clearing or repairing your sewer line, contact us and we will help.

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Clearing Any Drain in Your House

Choose a company that has experience in drain services and confidence in solving whatever plumbing problem may occur. If it’s meant to flow, we are the plumbing company for you.

We can assist with any drain issues you have, including:

  • The kitchen drains: With the buildup of grease, food, soap, and other objects, materials collect in the pipes after going down your kitchen sink drains, which can eventually block normal drainage. Our team can provide a quality diagnosis and repair to get your drain back to normal.
  • Your bathtub or shower drains: You know you have a tub drainage issue when the water starts to pool instead of quickly draining. A clogged drain in your bathtub is usually caused by discarded hair. When there is a small clog, it will continue to worsen as it accumulates other waste that goes down the drain (such as soap scum). Calling a pro makes this process much quicker for you!
  • The bathroom sink: A bathroom sink can start to drain slowly due to the build up of toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, hair, and foreign objects. We can help you get your drain back to normal.
  • Toilet clogs: Toilet paper is made to go down your toilet, but when other materials such as wipes, feminine care products, napkins, and paper towels go down, it may cause a backup. No matter what the reason for the clog, we can investigate the problem and solve it, whether it is in the toilet itself or further down the drain line.
  • In other areas: Some of the drains in your house may be in the laundry room, in the garage, on the patio, or in a utility room – and any of them can become backed up or clogged. It’s important to note that clogged drains on a lower level can be caused by a main sewer line backup. Please contact us right away if you experience this as it can negatively affect you and your family’s health.
  • The sewer main line: If you are having an issue with your main sewer line, we have the experience to provide quality repairs and solutions. Your main line may have been damaged by ground shifts or tree roots that have infiltrated the pipes or by buildups from waste or grease that have stopped your wastewater flow. The Plumbing Joint has all the latest technology and equipment to fix the problem. We have advanced drain snakes, jetters, and sewer camera inspection equipment to diagnose, clear, and repair any problem with your main sewer line.

Clogged Drain? FOG Could Be the Issue

Before you have a clogged drain, few of us really think about the effect that our disposal of various materials through our plumbing systems affect our municipal sewer systems or private septic systems but it’s certainly worth a little understanding! Especially when it comes to…”FOG

FOG stands for Fats, Oils, and Grease, and can come from the following sources:

  • Meat fats
  • Meat juices
  • Lard
  • Cooking oil
  • Shortening
  • Butter
  • Margarine
  • Food scraps
  • Baking goods
  • Olive oil
  • Dressing
  • Sauces
  • Dairy products
  • Wet Wipes (while not fat, oil, or grease; these items certainly compound the FOG problem)

When FOG is washed down sinks, whether commercial or residential, it converts and combines into solid matter in not only your own plumbing system but in public sewer or septic systems. This solid matter can cause a number of problems including but not limited to; total blockages, partial blockages and damaged or destroyed pipes.

In just September of 2017, an 800ft long FOG mass or “Fatberg” was found in the New York sewer system. It weighed roughly 130 metric tons! Later the same month a similar “Fatberg” was discovered after 1.2 million gallons of sewage overflow poured into Jones Falls in Baltimore, Maryland. As a result, the operation and maintenance costs for these municipal sewer companies started climbing by the millions.

So what can you do? Here are some tips:

  • DO Wipe down greasy pots and pans with a dry paper towel and dispose of it in your kitchen scrap recycling or garbage.
  • DO Pour cooled oil, fats and grease into a can or other container with a tight lid (coffee can, glass jar or plastic container) and dispose of it in the garbage.
  • DO Use baskets or strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids – and dispose of them in the trash.
  • DO Drop off large amounts of FOG and your local recycling center, especially if you use a turkey fryer this holiday season and have a large amount of oil leftover. Once cooled, pour the oil into a container and dispose of it at your local collection center.
  • DON’T Use hot water to wash the grease down the drain.
  • DON’T Pour FOG down the garbage disposal or sink drain.

We need to prevent our communities from experiencing these environmental hazards, public health issues, not to mention, increased sewer rates. We can protect our environment by working together in preventing sewer clogs and overflows.

Proud to Offer the Solutions You Need

The Plumbing Joint is the local, affordable drain cleaning team that has been proud to serve King County, Seattle, Renton, Kent, Redmond, and Bellevue for more than 45 years. We are family-owned and operated and will always provide you with reliable, quality services and straight forward prices.

Contact our team to learn more about our Renton drain cleaning services. We serve King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties.

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Customer Reviews 

  • Joint was quick, affordable, and Easy

    “Our Septic tank has not been cleaned out for over 8 years and our drains finally backed up. The plumbing joint responded to my call right away and sent out Raul the same day to pump out our system. Their final price was $250 less than well advertised compe”

    - Dave H.
  • Amazing experience again.

    “Showed up on time-found out where the problem was coming from/helped resolve the issue. Will use again.”

    - Anthony E.
  • The charge was reasonable and the service was  GREAT, and he was very nice.

    “Joe came out the same day as I had a problem and spotted it right away.”

    - Betty J.
  • We had a unique plumbing problem that involved low water pressure and watering a community garden.

    “Not only did the Plumbing Joint fix the underlying problem (bad pressure step-down valve) they saved us money because they provided insights into the community garden watering project!”

    - Jim G.
  • Thank you for the great cost effective work.  5 Stars.

    “I had my water tank replaced today by the plumbing joint and they did a great job.  It was not an easy job as he had to remove another tank to get access to the failed tank.”

    - Brandon M.
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