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Sewer Repair SammamishWhen your sewer needs service or repair in Sammamish  you will want to call a company that is affordable, quick, and always provide quality services. The Plumbing Joint Inc. takes pride in standing behind their work.  As a locally owned and operated company we know the area, have low-overhead and pass the savings onto you.  We have been providing the expert licensed plumbers to help you since 1973.  With on-going training and the latest plumbing technology and equipment we can assist you with whatever plumbing need that you have.  We can provide an entire sewer repair  or help clear any type of back up and clog.  When you choose The Plumbing Joint you get straight-forward pricing that we can provide over the phone and  the best available service to ensure that your sewer is completely repaired and functioning correctly.


Solving all Issues: Sewer Cracks, Sewer Breaks, and Root Intrusions

Sewer Repair Sammamish, Washington

Sewer damage can be caused by a variety of different factors- below are some common causes of main line issues.

  • Older homes may be at risk for sewer damage because they used materials for your sewer line that deteriorate over time.  Concrete and ceramic were both used in the past and break and crack over time. With any type of damage to your line sewage may be able to leak out and can cause damage.
  • Also natural moving over time can cause damage to your line; including blockages and complete breakdown of the sewer system.
  • Tree roots can also present problems to your sewer. Over time if roots grow into your line they can cause cracks and even grow through the line stopping the flow of your sewer.
  • Our cost-effective plumbing and sewer specialists, will be able to help you choose whether a repair or complete replacement is best. We have the sewer cameras and the identification equipment to make sure that we quickly find the origin of the problem and fix it quickly.


Contact the Sewer Repair Professionals

For the best in sewer repair in Sammamish, you will want to contact us! Call us and we will work with you and provide pricing over the phone.  No hassles, no hidden fees, or service charges– just upfront pricing and services.  We will quickly get to work on fixing any problems that have arisen with your sewer system. It is  vital to get sewer cracks or breaks corrected before home-damaging sewer line backups occur. Don’t hesitate any longer- contact Plumbing Joint today.

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