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Ideas for the Perfect Mudroom

October 10, 2018

Coats, backpacks, shoes, cleats, tennis rackets, and more…where does it all go? When the kids come home they often have a whole slew of things that end up on the floor right in front of the door or in the middle of a walkway. A mudroom, while convenient, can be quickly and easily packed to the rim with your entire household’s odds and ends. Eventually, there is a breaking point. Maybe after stepping on one too many things or realizing that you are unable to walk through your mudroom without risking bodily harm. If this is you, it’s time for some remodeling and/or organizing! Do you have visions of a picture-perfect mudroom? Convenient, organized and brimming with cleanliness? Here are a few ideas to get you on a path to the perfect mudroom.

Get Organized

Wall Hooks: One of the best ways to fix the coats piling up on the floor issue is to solve it with simple wall hooks. They offer a convenient place to hang jackets, scarfs, umbrellas, backpacks and more. It’s best to have a couple pegs for each family member, including the dog. This way everyone has a designated space available for their things. Inexpensive hooks can go a long way in tidying up your mudroom!

Cubbies/Lockers: Along with hooks another great and efficient way to organize your mudroom is through floor-to-ceiling cubbies or lockers. If each person has their own cubby or locker space they will each have dedicated storage space for their belongings, whether it’s a backpack, sports bag, shoes, coat or more. Many cubbies and lockers include low storage for shoes and high storage for seasonal items helping you keep things much more organized.

Closets: Adding a closet to your mudroom, if you don’t already have one, can be very convenient for those out of season items, cleaning supplies, or simply the things you’d rather have tucked away, out of sight. Closets will help cut down on the bulk of items in your mudroom giving it a nice, clean look.

Have Durable Flooring

With all the activity that comes along with a mudroom, you’ll certainly want to have some durable flooring. While it’s important to have a floor that is aesthetically pleasing, you’ll also want it to be tough enough to withstand the constant traffic. Mudrooms, which are aptly named, were designed to catch mud and any other outdoor gunk from the bottom of shoes before entering the part of the home that needs to stay clean. Therefore, tile tends to be the best option for the space. Tile is sensible because it offers an array of patterns to can choose from and has proven durability with ease of maintenance. Vinyl is another great option because it’s resistant to stains and water damage as well as super easy to clean up making it incredibly low maintenance.

Convenient Options

Sink: A utility sink may be beneficial especially if you enjoy gardening, are crafty or simply need a space to rinse off boots or clothing that may have gotten nasty from being outside.

Laundry Machine: Laundry equipment can certainly be a part of the mudroom, which makes it convenient when your kids get done having a spontaneous water fight and their clothes are sopping wet. No need for them to traipse through the house to get to the laundry room.

Pet-Friendly: Create a space that allows your pet to run in and out through a doggy door as well as a place for them to relax and feel comfortable. A large sink or shower stall can be incredibly convenient in a mudroom when you need to rinse off a pet or even sandy, muddy feet. Extra Refrigerator: When it’s hot outside and your kids are playing but get thirsty, instead of running through the house, snacks and drink options could be accessible in the mudroom, preventing them from tracking anything through the home. It also helps overflow from the kitchen refrigerator and offers more freezer space.

Be Creative!

The mudroom may traditionally be a place that’s meant to drop ones belongs before heading into the house to relax but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun, creative, or bold space. Painting your mudroom is a great way to set the right mood when entering the home. You could even make a statement by adding some wallpaper to one of the walls. In spite of its name, a mudroom can certainly be a tranquil space that makes it easier to transition from outside weather to a warm, comfortable home…without all the mess.