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Top Kitchen Remodel Trends

October 1, 2018

Home improvement T.V. shows are intriguing to watch. It’s always interesting to see how they update the old or hunt down the new. A kitchen tends to be the one room in a home that people are most particular about. Homeowners are often looking for spacious, beautiful, open-concept kitchens with the potential of becoming the focal point of the home. Entire walls could be knocked down in order to create the perfect space and while the kitchen may be a place where dirty dishes pile up and crumbs are found on the floor; it has certainly become the expected grand spectacle of any home. Is an efficient, modernized, updated kitchen on your agenda? If so, here are some superb and currently trending ideas:

  1. The Technology Driven Kitchen

    Kitchens aren’t just about fancy gadgets and new appliances anymore but rather a complete technology makeover. Technology is booming and can be integrated into every function of your kitchen space from appliances to faucets to cabinetry and lighting. A kitchen can now be upgraded intelligently as well as aesthetically. Ever heard of a “smart” kitchen? Kitchens can either be built with smart technology from the ground up or upgraded by adding convenient “Smart” devices. Technology integrated into a kitchen design is becoming more and more popular. A smart kitchen is all about making life easier and more convenient. There are actually refrigerators out there that alert you when you’re getting low on specific types of food. Have you ever wondered if your eggs are still good? Running low on milk? Well, now there are technological devices that monitor your food for you and alert you when an expiration date is approaching, or you are running low. What about lighting? Have you retired early after a festive meal and forgotten to turn off the lights? Well, now your lights can be programmed in such a way that will allow you to control them through a smartphone or tablet. The kitchen technology trend is rapidly growing as more and more people are looking for convenience and efficiency.

  2. Cabinet Colors

    The color of the cabinets in a kitchen can brighten, darken or make a dramatically bold statement. The natural wood style cabinets are losing popularity and the steady upward trend is all in shades of white which really brighten up the space. White creates a clean and sleek look which is pleasing to the eye and neutral enough for most kitchens. Along with white, various shades of gray moving up the ranks as well. Gray is a neutral color that pairs well with many different colors and patterns; it’s a versatile color that gives a unique spin on freshness. While white and gray top the kitchen trends, there are some other deeper, more dramatic colors starting to make an appearance. Dark jewel tones like black, navy, emerald green and even plum are making an impactful debut in homes; enhancing kitchens with a feel of dramatic luxury. As boldness of color is rising, people are choosing a more playful look by mixing and matching colors. For example, kitchen cabinets and the island cabinets may be different colors making the island the showcase with its pop of color. Many people are choosing different colors for their upper and lower cabinets. Contrasting colors are quickly gaining traction in the newly modernized kitchen.

  3. Bye, Bye Granite. Hello Quartz!

    Granite has been the desired choice for many years but when compared to quartz it certainly requires more maintenance. Quartz is extremely strong and sturdy. Its durability is long lasting with low maintenance and anti-microbial qualities. While quartz is an all-around better quality, the previous concern was in the lack of variety. There weren’t as many colors or finishes as its granite counterpart. Now, thanks to technology, quartz offers a broad spectrum of choices. It’s quickly passing over granite and headed to the top of the popularity list. One of the hottest trends at the moment is using quartz that has been finished with swirls and veining giving it a more natural stone look. This material has not only brought durability to the kitchen but unsurpassed beauty and a significantly cleaner design.

  4. The Addition of Effective Storage

    Functionality is a huge consideration when remodeling a kitchen. Cabinets that are too small or even too wide can create problems when trying to efficiently plan out your space for a more modernized, uncluttered look. This is where storage comes in. Kitchen storage trends now include garages for cutlery and utensils, pullouts for spices, specialty can racks and more. People choose rollout trays for pots and pans and wastebasket cabinets for garbage. Remodels become more functional when everything has its place. Since the kitchen is likely to be the centerpiece of a home, most people prefer their countertops to remain clear of any small appliances and extra odds and ends. This has forced the industry to get creative with cabinetry & storage options that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Keeping abreast of what’s trending in the world of modern kitchens will likely have you clamoring for change so here are just a few tips that will help get you started on tackling this hefty project:

  1. Make a plan and get ideas, figure out what’s trending.
  2. Ask a designer to give input on how best to create a functional kitchen that fits within your budget.
  3. Order all cabinets, appliances, flooring, lighting, and plumbing fixtures ahead of time and keep them onsite so they are available.
  4. Call in the professionals! A reputable plumber, electrician or general contractor will go a long way in helping you steer clear of those unexpected time and money draining problems.

As we all know, plumbing is a huge part of any kitchen remodel so it’s important to find reputable, skillful and customer service-oriented professionals. The Plumbing Joint meets each of these qualifications and would love to partner with you in making your dream kitchen come true.