Finding Leaks To Prevent Water Damage & Costly Repairs

Bellevue Leak Detection Services 

Having a hidden leak can be very costly. Not only do you lose money on excess water you aren’t actually using, but it can also cause damage to the foundation of your home or business. When you need leak detection in Bellevue or the surrounding areas, The Plumbing Joint has the expertise as well as the high-tech equipment for non-invasive leak detection. We can locate the source of the leak without tearing up your walls, foundation, or yard. When we find the leak, our experienced journeyman will use our expertise to repair it quickly and affordably.

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What Are the Signs of a Hidden Leak?

There are many ways an individual or business can begin to suspect a hidden leak.

If you suspect you may need leak detection services, here are some common signs to look for:

  • Your water bill goes up when your usage has not
  • You hear dripping or running water when no water is turned on
  • Your meter reading increases when there is no water running
  • There are warm spots under a concrete slab or other flooring
  • You notice mold or mildew in a specific area
  • You see water marks on walls or flooring
  • The carpet becomes discolored in one area
  • Wood flooring begins to warp for no apparent reason
  • There is an area of your yard that is spongy and wet, even on dry days
  • Cracks are appearing in your foundation
  • You see an increase in vegetation growing through or around your foundation

Non-Invasive Leak Detection

Having state-of-the-art equipment for leak detection saves time and money. We are able to quickly find the leak, which cuts down on man-hours and eliminates destruction of your property. Instead of digging methods, we utilize an advanced approach that uses compressed air, probes, and listening devices. We pump air or helium into your pipes to isolate the leak. Then we use a listening device to accurately pinpoint the hiss of the air as it leaks out. In cases with stubborn or very deep leaks, we use probes to get a closer look.

As a locally-owned business proudly serving the Bellevue area for over 45 years, The Plumbing Joint truly cares about your plumbing needs. We offer quality services for some of the most affordable prices around. We look for ways to improve our technology so we can be even more efficient at what we do and provide you with the most reliable and cost-efficient solutions.

With our friendly, knowledgeable plumbers and technicians, you can always expect to receive written estimates up front. Communication is paramount for us, and we will keep you well-informed throughout until we complete the job at hand. In addition, we always encourage questions, as we want you to feel comfortable with the project.

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