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Clogged drains are common for both tenants and homeowners, but they aren’t anything you should stress over. When a drain has a frustrating and stubborn blockage, make the call to The Plumbing Joint Inc.! We’re the leading provider of Tacoma drain cleaning services that are designed to take care of your problem completely and efficiently. Whether your clog is in the kitchen, bathtub, toilet, sewer line or anywhere in between, by using the latest tools and ongoing training, we approach your drain clogs with confidence so you can go back to living your life with full use of your plumbing as soon as possible.

When The Plumbing Joint Inc. was founded back in 1973, we wanted to create a company that lived by one simple mission: we strive to be helpful and honest to our customers. By equipping our technicians with 9,000 of the most commonly used parts and materials they need to get the job done and the training they can rely on to solve your problem, they treat your home with the utmost respect. That means fast, fair, and friendly service for all jobs, small and large. Today, we are proud to continue that tradition and carry on our legacy of providing trusted, customer-focused plumbing services for anything you need.

Stop sweating your blocked drains and have them cleaned by the experts at The Plumbing Joint Inc.! Dial (425) 228-3204 now to schedule an appointment.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is the process of extracting or otherwise removing a clog from a blocked drain line, allowing water and waste to flow freely again. However, at The Plumbing Joint Inc., we feel this is only half of the job when it comes to fixing an obstruction in your drain line. Drain cleaning goes a step further by scrubbing the debris off of your drain pipeline. This removes the footholds that particles, hair, and other refuse can use to build up into an entirely new clog, causing your problem to return. With a Tacoma drain cleaning service, you are far less likely to see any new clogs for a significantly longer period of time than you would be if you simply removed the clog and called it a day.

We can clean any drain in your house, including:

  • Kitchen drains
  • Bathtub or shower drains
  • Bathroom sink drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Utility drains
  • Sewer cleaning

How to Prevent Drain Clogging in Tacoma

Foreign objects won’t be able to clog your drain as long as you take the proper precautions. Wastewater Services of Tacoma has provided a list of items that should not be flushed or washed down your drains to prevent clogs, stoppages, and sewer backups.

A service technician can regularly visit your property to check your drains for debris. Consequently, you can avoid clogged drains and have great drainage throughout your entire home.

Putting screens over each drain in your home is another way you can protect your plumbing system. Keeping these areas clean is made possible because large particles do not go down the drain.

The Latest Drain Cleaning Technology

Our Tacoma plumbers take pride in offering the finest services available, and this is only made possible by having the tools and materials to get the job done the right way. At The Plumbing Joint Inc., we make sure to equip our technicians with the latest in tool and material technology. Not only does that mean they can handle just about any problem a modern plumbing system can face, but it means they can get it done quicker and better than previous techniques ever could.

For example, our plumbers are equipped with professional jetting machines for a thorough cleaning of just about any drain. These systems are designed to eliminate clogs entirely while also scrubbing the interior walls of a drain line to remove all traces of debris and grime. This means not only will your drain clog be gone for good, but it isn’t likely to return anytime soon either. When you have a stubborn drain, we come prepared with this and any other materials or equipment we might need to solve the issue so you can get the resolution you need fast.

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