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Repair Plumbing Yourself or Call A Plumber?

February 1, 2016

Have you ever noticed a plumbing issue in your home, then wondered whether it may be easy to repair yourself.  The answer to that question depends on your level of expertise with plumbing and how big the problem is. Let’s look at a few of the most common issues that may have you thinking about trying to fix it yourself.

Drippy Faucets

When faced with drippy faucets you are looking at a higher water bill and a large waste of resources. Several hundred gallons of water is lost when your faucet is leaking. Your drippy faucet may be caused by a broken or worn seal.  Replacing this seal may be the answer to the problem but it may be difficult without specialized tools or if the other adjoining parts have become wrapped or worn. If you are ready to learn how to take apart your faucet correctly, figure out the right part to replace, and are confident that is the ONLY issue, then go for it. But, in most cases, as much as it sounds simple, it’s worth calling in a professional to save you the time and guesswork.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are another common home plumbing problem. This issue is usually discovered when looking under the sink. You may notice a water spillage or a pool of wetness.  Pipe leaks commonly originate from the joints.  Fixing these joints may solve to the problem or there may be additional issues with the fittings or the pipe itself. Once again, is it worth your time to learn all about the possible problems and then stumble through this repair? Just know that the diagnosis and fix of these issues are extremely routine for a fast and efficient plumber like we provide here at The Plumbing Joint.

Low Water Pressure

Okay, so how about this one: have you noticed a change in your water pressure?  This can be caused by a variety of factors.  The change can be related to a break or build-up in your water line or even a problem with your municipal water supply.  To find the cause of this issue you will have to do further inspections. If you are experienced in handling your own plumbing, even this issue can be out of range to diagnose. Local plumbers will have knowledge of common issues in your town or community—heck, even in your particular housing development. It’s another part of what you pay for when you call on and experience professional plumber.

Listen, if you choose to attempt any plumbing or drain clearing repair project yourself ensure that you have the number of a professional plumber nearby in case a small plumbing repair becomes a larger emergency.

Some other tips from us pros? When working with your pipes be ready to get messy.  Even simple plumbing tasks can leave you dirty and wet.  Also, while completing plumbing repairs it is critical to ensure that you have the correct hardware for the job.  Almost nothing is worse than when you replace a part in your pipe or faucet incorrectly or use the wrong part. The leakage of water could cause a fortune in water damage.

For any and all your plumbing concerns, give The Plumbing Joint a call.  If you’re only looking to repair your plumbing, sewer, or drain issue yourself to save money, you may be barking up the wrong tree.  Why? Well, if you find the right plumbing company, you will be glad to have them take care of it. This is why we are the affordable, local professionals that will work with you to get the plumbing maintenance or repair done right.  Instead of fretting the cost of hiring a professional, or trying to do it yourself, maybe you should RELAX, and contact us—we are here to help.